Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled here a list of questions with answers that our students tend to ask us at the first meeting or phone call.
We hope this way your questions are answered too, saving you valuable time.

You can start with finding your interest area, then you choose a course in a University. Alternately you can call us to assist you in the above process. We also assist students in Application review, Visa Filing, Applying Scholarship, Education Loans, Pre Departure Orientation & Post Arrival Assistance (i.e. Accommodation and Part time Jobs).

You can call us on to book your free consultation session with our Student Counsellor.

You can also visit our Office at World Trade Centre to have a meeting with us.

We aim to achieve these objectives after your first consultation with our expert advisers:

We've helped you narrow down your options of universities and programmes based on your academic history.

We've been able to highlight to you which documents are needed for a successful application to your chosen university.

And finally, we've discussed with you the funding options and the amount of money required to submit your study visa.

In our playbook, these are the three primary aspects that you should be aware of prior to making a decision to study abroad.

Fees for Bachelor courses is usually between £8,000 to £12,000 annually. Some courses and universities could be higher (or lower) depending on university location.

Fees for Masters level courses are typically between £11,000 to £16,000 annually.

Some universities offer scholarships if you apply early, or if your grades are very strong.

You’ll have to add cost of accommodation to your tuition fees. This is usually around £11,000 per year, but take this with a grain of salt as this is different for one city to another.

When you visit us, we’ll break it all down for you and explain to you how you could save costs.

On an average it takes between 2 weeks to 4 weeks for your application process to complete from start to finish

This is assuming you have all the right documents to make an application.

There’s a standard set of academic documents that constitute an application. You’ll have to fill out an application form (usually online – you can do that in our office), give us your years 10 and 12 mark sheets, copy of passport, and any other paperwork that you feel will strengthen your application. Students for example in the past have given us experience certificates, volunteer work certificates, any additional diplomas, and any sports related certificates.

Additionally, if you’re applying for Master level studies, we’ll need your mark sheets at UG level.

You can certainly apply to your chosen university without a current passport, but you will need one soon to travel! Our advice has always been that you should apply for a passport as soon as you can as it’ll be one less thing to do later on.

Please also note that to sit IELTS you’ll need to have a passport.

Once your application is received by the university their admissions team will go through your paperwork and make a decision.

If you have decided to go through us we would have guided you through this process so on most occasions you will be made an offer of study by the university.

Please note we don’t charge any application fees and the universities we work with closely also do not.

Fantastic ! You have an offer !

Typically universities will ask you to bank transfer a part of the tuition fees (and accommodation fees), and once done, you will receive a visa letter. This visa letter allows you to go to the British High Commission and apply for a study visa.

From the point of receiving an offer letter, you should set aside 4 – 6 weeks to complete your visa file and to receive your visa.

This is perhaps the most critical aspect of your application journey and our experienced staff goes through your file meticulously. If there are any missing links we’ll highlight those immediately and you’ll be asked to complete the missing paperwork.

Sure. As an international student we understand that this could be the first time you would have travelled to the UK.

We provide an airport meet and greet service and pick you up at the airport to take you straight to your accommodation.

All in all we expect that between your first visit to us and at the day of your arrival at Heathrow airport, it’d have taken you around 15 – 20 weeks. We advise strongly that you start early so when you arrive you have enough time to acclimatise and are not rushed.

Upon arrival, you’ll be expected to formally register at your university the following day.

Most universities have orientation week where they show you the ropes – basic things such as opening a new bank account, knowing where’s the nearest supermarket, and making friends with fellow students is an important part of your student journey.

In all these years of experience we haven’t had a single visa refused. But of course, it can happen and in a very rare event that it does, the university will refund you what you’ve paid as advance. There’s usually a small administrative charge.

You will need to show that your visa has been refused (you should have a visa refusal letter), and complete a university form to process the refund. This process can take a few weeks.

There are scholarships available but as you’d imagine this is a competitive process. Many students apply for a small number of scholarships, and only the best get them.

Scholarships typically cover a part of your tuition fees – usually between 5% and 25% - and depends on a number of factors.

We’ll be happy to guide through this process when you visit us.


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